About Us

GistFx.com is aimed at helping his visitors in getting relevant and valuable information they need from the web on any topic — about Celebrities, Gadgets or an events e.t.c.

In addition, our plan is to share interesting little-known facts about People, with the aim of enlightening our visitors more about their country and its people.

With time our hope is to become the internet most trusted source of information about Celebrities andPopular People Bio and Gadgets Specifications and everything related.

We hope to become the most relevant Nigerian website to People of the world trying to find information on the web. In short, our goal is to become the new “Wikipedia” for information.

GistFx.com was created on May 1, 2018 by Adekunle Ibrahim Olalekan. However, in May 16, 2018, a Partner also came on board as a co-admin of the blog Called Dj Soffy.

Thanks For Reading All About Us!